Monday, March 5, 2012

I am oh so lonely

Why is it that when the other half is not around we feel lonely
yet when they are there most of the time we sometimes wish they would go
Well Paul is spending the week over in Portugal
doing the hand over as he leaves the company in about four weeks
after working for them for 27 years...!!!!
He can't wait for his last day... 
so I am on my own and feeling very lonely... but I have good news though
I have moved things about today in the bedroom...and look
I have a desk in the bedroom where I can work in peace..which is where I am now
doing my blog post... no one to interrupt
I have the PC back in here after some major work
it went a little funny so had to have new grafics card and other bits put it
which Paul so kindly did this morning

And this is the draws I have in the far corner...And yes they are a tad messy
because I had to dump things in them to move the room round
most of them have the same sort of thing in them tho but I am piling things on top as well
You see being in the UK is bad...very bad... I can go to a craft shop and spend money.
no postage added....and I seem to be doing that.. Although I do have an excuse...
I have been looking for the blog Candy..and I do have a couple of bits for it..
which I will take a pic of in a few...and add to the post...
So there you have it...the craft can begin..
I have lots of ideas..and things I want to try... so ME time now..
I have a week... so let the crafting begin
CLaire x


Chrissy said...

Good for you Claire...thats the idea..privacy!!
Now we just need a portable TV so you can watch some stuff while you craft...up good and loud, so if.Someone?? knocks on your door you can't hear...happy crafting..and dont be lonely...we are all here...


misteejay said...

Enjoy your 'me''s great you have managed to sort out some space just for you.

Toni xx

Clair said...

Thanks for the award Claire, I am so sorry for not replying before now. I know its hard when our lovely men are away but think about how happy you'll be to see him!!!! Enjoy the peace
Take care
Hugs Clair xxx

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