Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is it Snowing..

Where you are tooo ????
it is here in Lincolnshire, not settling but rather big flakes.
Looks pretty out the window... but not the kind of weather I like to go out in
Unless of course I am building a snowman.
I have been busy again this week, but once again not much on the card front
I have been to the local craft shop..and found another garden center that sells crafts
But I was very good... although I do plan to go back through the week on my own
No one to see what I
I have a card I can share though
made for MIL though not one for me
 Again stitched with decoupage
I do rather like this one...the colours are good 
the butterfly is pretty..I willl have to find the pattern for this 
and sew a couple different colours

I have bought a few I am going to start making some cards
the idea I have are We have moved cards.. get the basic cards made
then all I have to do is print and make the inserts with the NEW addy on

Right I had best go.. Take pics of the new goodies and sort out the blog candy
Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx


misteejay said...

Lovely card Claire - beautiful colours.

It has been raining all day here and I hope it doesn't turn to snow - the temps have certainly droped over the last couple of days. I want some more warm sunshine like we had Thursday - it makes things seem so much better.

Have fun shopping.

Toni xx

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