Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What did I do wrong

I seem to have lost a follower.. maybe it was something I said...or didn't say Sorry to have lost you..
Anyway I am around..just not crafting... I have a hectic life at the moment trying to keep the peace and do as I am told.. so not crafting..
I am now a very good Taxi driver

I really should take some time out and colour and make a card... I really must, I keep seeing others cards and thinking wow... just don't seem to be able to get ME time... or enough of it on my own to concentrate without someone looking over my shoulder telling me I should do it this way or that...
I have made this card though.... not for me...for Pauls mum

 It actually came out better than I thought it would... seen as I am just using up odd pieces of card
to go along with Paul's mums sewing

The Peel off.s actually finish the card this looked too bare with out
Right I have to go... I have lots to do as normal...and not enough time to do it
Thanks for stopping by
Claire x


Chrissy said...

Gorgeous card Claire,love the sewing, so pretty.. and you did nothing followers drop off evey now and then, then they pop back up, I give up worrying about it..


misteejay said...

Lovely card Claire.

I think the follower numbers is sometimes just to do with Blogger being quirky - as Chrissy has said the numbers sometimes drop off and then reappear...for no reason.

Toni xx

Amy E said...

Don't worry Claire...we still love you! Maybe someone just closed their Google account. I bet it didn't have anything to do with you personally.

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