Monday, February 27, 2012

What card...

Do I show.... I have so many on the PC.. some I made last year in Portugal
Some I have made for Paul's mum..
I do miss making for challenges... and really must start again
but not having my own space makes it a little difficult..
so I am going to show you these.. again made for Paul's mum
I did do them a couple of weeks ago
they both have sewing on them this is a fairly straight design
the next is has a lot more to it
I do prefare the one underneath
Would look nice in red sure there will be one in the box nearer the bottom
may take a while to get to it..I have said to myself to work my way down
This one is nice also.. I found the decoupage in the ready done box !!!
you wouldn't believe how many of them there are..
Few more weeks of trying to use up.

But I also have good news...
Paul has another job and we will be moving into our own place soon
YAY.. I seriously can not wait.. as much as it is nice of Paul's mum to have us
It really is not going to well... we are all stressed.. 
the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter
We just have to find somewhere ..we don't know the area too well
So we have decided to rent until we get the time to look around properly

I would like to say Welcome to my new followers...another three have joined me
How nice is that...
I will get round to the shop and get something new to pop on as candi
or I may just do a surprise !!
whichever I decide I will get the linky up and running tonight after tea

Thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx


misteejay said...

Lovely cards Claire.

Hope all goes well with the house hunt and that you are soon crafting in your own space.


Toni xx

Chrissy said...

Beautiful cards Claire, love the stitching, so intricate,and very pretty...
Hope all goes well with house hunting,it will be so much easier in your own home...good luck..


salmaashiq said...

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