Sunday, February 5, 2012

White as white can be

With a touch of black...oh and ME
This morning we woke up to a rather white Garden..
Which was so nice as we have not seen snow for the last five years
Tasmin on the other hand has not seen snow at all...
So we was intrigued on how she would deal with it...
I have to admit it made us laugh... she went bounding out of the door
and just stood in her tracks..unsure on wether to move or walk
anyway one paw moved... out of the snow...and slowly went into a fresh area
Then I think she decided all was safe..and that was that
Off she went..and never came in for at least an hour...
After about 20 minutes I gave in and went out with her...
And this is what we got up to.. Yes I AM a big kid
We made a snowman.. I do say the Royal WE
but if I am honest Tasmin did help  she dug some snow..and nudged the small ball of snow with her nose to start Mr snowman off,, and don't you think she looks quite proud of

There she is...saying bye as it was time to go in...or at least I thought so
My hands where rather cold and my feel a little chilly.. 
We did have fun though...
We have a larger snowman in the front garden also..which Hannah made this afternoon..
I will take a pic of him in the morning... as long as he is still there...

Right that's it from me... I am going to go and spend some time with
Ben and Jerry..
Thanks for stopping by 
Claire and Tasmin xx


Chrissy said...

Bless her heart...what fun making a snowman...I dont get snow here, would love to have a play in in.Gorgeous wee dog...and


misteejay said...

I love the way she is so taken with the snow.

Love your little snow-person.

Toni xx

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