Friday, February 24, 2012

It is the man in my lifes......

Birthday Today...
As you saw from a post yesterday I made him a cake...
But couldn't decide on what to do with the top...well here is the cake

I made the letters on paper then put them on last thing to take picture..they can be moved so they will look a lot straighter than they do in the picture...Paul likes it..said coating it in chocolate would have been tooo much,
And he fancies it with custard not on it's own...pheww.. will add icing suger
Not very good I know but I didn't get time to do anything else..
I was summoned !!!! you see some people are the type of people who leave everything to the last minute and then need help...
well I was the helper....your wondering what I was doing
Well Paul's mum is terrible and I had to help her make a card for Paul
She has known for 46 years what day his Birthday is on....but forgot !!!
So I was looking for a picture on her PC... it had to be this certain picture
Two hours later..after going through numerous CD's I found it..
Wrong colour.. so then had to change the colour..and what was the Picture...
A rose... now I know and you know if I go onto google and type ROSE
then we have hundreds of pictures in an array of colours... copy one check its ok
and use...but nope...this rose had to be done so another hour and colour is changed from red to yellow..
four printed out and off she goes to cut out for decoupage.. I am left making the right size basic card..
Then sorting out card for layering and backing paper..
We didn't finish it as she was still unsure on how to do it
So that will be todays job.. good job Paul is working really

Before he went to work he opened the card (s) I made
and loved one more than the other...
Will post them soon
Thanks for stopping by on DH Birthday
CLaire xx


misteejay said...

Hope Paul's Mum finally sorted her card.

That cake still looks yummy.

Toni xx

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