Saturday, February 18, 2012 last

Well today saw the end of the book shelf saga...
Well at least for a few days... Paul spent the last two evenings and this afternoon finishing off
And I have to say they look pretty damm nice..
 There you see...the finished book shelves...they measure 3 metres long by about 7 foot high
And I like... and I could quite easily fill them up with craft things... 
So I am hoping I get something similar when we move to our own place..
Here is Paul stood in front, and of course Tasmin had to be in the picture also..
All that is left to do is for Paul's mum to fill them with her books
and that may take a while, as they are all over the place..
Hector came out of his home today for a play.. in our bedroom
and I think he enjoyed himself a little to much
he climbed all over the place and didn't really want to go back into his house

Well there you have it...the book shelf saga has come to an end..
So maybe just maybe I will get some crafting done this week
Tomorrow sees the day of the party...and I cant wait..
I picked the cake up today..and wow its lovely
For those of you without small children it is
In the Night Garden.. and it is the Ninky Nonk....
It also has Iggle Piggle sat in the corner with his blanket
How sweet... I just hope Olly recognizes them
Right time for me to get some party food ready
Will have some pics to show soon..of Olly and the Cake
take care of you all and thanks for stopping by
CLaire xx


Chrissy said...

WOW!! Fabulous book lucky to have a whole wall to put it up, my walls have windows, everyone of them, and have to keep things pretty low-ish.
Gorgeous cake...Happy Birthday Olly...


misteejay said...

Well he has had a practice so ones for you when you get your new place should be even better.hehehe.

Toni xx

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