Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Morning all..on this rather bright but cold day
I do hope it gets batter, as I have to take MIL shopping,
Not only for food, but for wood for bookshelves!!!
Having been out already for the wood and at the last minute she changed her mind
Hopefully today she will actually buy, get it delivered and then I can have a craft day
Mr MOJO seems to be wanting to play
and I don't want to turn him away.. now he has returned so fingers crossed

I logged on to post a card but instead was greeted by an award..

The person that gave me this has recently started following me
I would like to say a very HUGE Thank you..
now here is what it is all about..

The Liebster Award is given to smaller bloggers who have 200 or less followers in the hope it will bring them new followers and friends.  
The tradition is that it is then passed on to five other blogs to help them too.  
If you want to accept the award the steps are:

So of course I accepted.. who wouldn't.. so this is what I have to do and have done

1.  Link back to the persons blog who gave you the award and thank them. - Done
2.  Post the award on your blog. - Done
3.  Give the award to five fellow bloggers who inspire you. - Done
Here are the Lucky peeps I have chosen

Now I am going to add one I feel I have to as she does amazing cards
but has over 200 followers, but she inspires me too

4.  Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know. - Done

So there you have it.... 
Thank you for the award and thank you for following me and popping by to say hi
Love the comments so keep them coming
CLaire xx


Chrissy said...

Aww..Claire, thank you so much ,I'm so honoured to accept this award from you.Thank you so much..


Alyce said...

Congrats Claire! :)

Julies Crafty Creations said...

Thank you for my award Claire, extremely kind of you to nominate me as one of your 5. I will do a post about it later and link to your blog :-)
Hugs Julie x

misteejay said...

Congrats on your award Claire...I need to sort out who to forward this to and then I'll sort out the linky things...thank you so much for thinking of me.

Hope the shopping goes well.

Toni xx

Columbine Elfwitch said...

This is a lovely award thank you I have never won anything before so am truly thrilled. I am awaiting my third knee replacement in 9 years and in lots of pain so this cheered me up no end. Thank you, Megan

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