Wednesday, November 23, 2011

7 days have flown by

Meaning it is once again that day where we travel around the world and look at peoples work desks
it all starts over at the Stamping Ground with the Head mistress Julia Dunnit
and wow her desk looks fab this week...I love the owls eyes !!
I have to say my desk is not as interesting, 
(it's the old patio table)
 it has been shoved into the corner of the room 
why am I complaining I was the one that moved it...
I finally finished packing my drawer unit that stood in the corner,
 so I moved that into the living room with everything else to go a week on Monday
here is my desk
 Yes messy... 
not a lot of the things on there are mine.. 
as you can see I have marked accordingly
to Hannah's utter
polish I have to admit to putting on there after I had polished the study
The tub on the floor is my moving tub...
I have to get everything in there for the move
which I have tried and done.. it is nearly full 
but the things on my desk fit in nicely..
Well tha'st it for now...
I will get my post done on my Maze Book
its Julia who got me started on it after seeing hers last week
Thanks for stopping by and I will try and pop to your blogs later 
Claire x


Neil said...

Hi there. Thanks for letting us peek into your creative space this week. It's always inspiring seeing where and how we create! Hope the rest of your week goes very well for you.
Neil #31

jude said...

Cute desk sat in the corner .Hope move goes welland unpacking....thats the part i hate!
Have fab wednesday pop by as i have candy up for grabs hugs judex 18

Morti said...

OMG - it's not so long since I moved that I can't empathise. Sending you big moving hugs and hope it goes well. Love how you've thrown Paul and Hannah under the bus - name and shame I say!

Thanks for stopping by. Morti #22


Great space and I love the bin!

Anesha said...

Love the neat ribbon display. Thanks for the peek into your space. :)

Sunshine Girl said...

Wow polishing the study - that never happens in my house! Lovely busy desk there! Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl – No 19

Cathy said...

Fab space you have there ... and invaded too!! I have that problem LOL!!
Cathy xx #3

Sarah said...

Great to see where you create and get's full of lovely things! Thanks for taking some time to share your desk...Sarah at 14.

Mrs A. said...

Hope the move goes according to plan and that you can find everything when you get to the new property. Got a tin of polish but no study to use it on!! Hugs Mrs A.

L00py's Craft Creations said...

Oh dear, I just hate it when the kids and hubby take over!! lol

atleast its not long now till you're home, but I bet the days are crawling past!
And if she didnt like the fact that her things were photographed she really shouldnt have left them there should she , LMAO

Thanks for visiting

Lou #41

Shoshi said...

The very idea of moving fills me with dread! It's going to have to happen in about two or three years when my hubby retires... I've scarcely got the energy to get through a normal day so goodness knows what will happen when we have to move!!!!! You seem to be managing great, despite the privations. A busy, productive little corner! Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #70

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh I'm glad you've done a Maze book - great and so easy, huh! Your desk made me laugh...when I worked at a samll table in the lounge, my desk was just the same..a sort of collection point for everyone elses stuff. No longer. Although it's probably 3 times as untidy!!

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