Monday, November 14, 2011

Morning to you on yet another monday
This time in four weeks we will be in the UK
I will be up bright and early ready to take Hannah
to visit her new school.
Then we will be taking a long awaiting trip to 
for some Christmas shopping.
and then maybe some present shopping..
What a year this will be..
nothing bought for Christmas and it will be
the 14 December!!! arrggghh
At least I have all my Christmas cards made
Just have to decide who gets which..
and try and deliver them all in time for the  BIG day
when the man in the big red suit arrives.
 Then the rest of my card stash
birthday etc, will go with Paul's mum
to church for their Christmas sale
I have about 100+ cards
so they should make 100+ pounds
Hopefully, boosting the church funds
I have made a card.. last week actually
posted it on Friday so it should get to the UK
on time..fingers crossed
it is for Paul's son Karl
Now there are a lot of things about the card
that will mean something to Karl
here is the card
 Karl and Paul used to watch the Simpsons
way back when Paul used to have him stay over
 so Homer made an appearance 
Karl is in a band called 
Virgin Voltz
If I have done this right clicking above
should take you to their website..
 he is the lead guitarist
that is why homer is with a guitar 
not because Karl looks like
the guitar is a Les Paul
the exact one that Karl uses.
The shape of the card is Karl's guitar also
 Am sure Karl will notice straight away
I hope so, took ages on the computer
editing the Les Paul onto the image.
Paul has done the verse..
as always its rather good.
and it always amazes me how quick he thinks of them

Karl, my son, a note from afar
Of  birthday greeting to a rising rock star
Twenty five today and a future foretold
Of fame and fortune and everything gold

Not being there today we only regret
A quarter of a century that's not over yet
Not long now and we'll see you at hand
strumming away in your very own band

Work hard, but enjoy and remember that we
are waiting delivery of that red Farrari
Happy Birthday

Now the farrari bit..
Karl has told Paul that when he is MEGA famous
he will buy him one
Few years yet then..
so there is his card..
One last thing
I had t show this..
Most of my craft stuff is packed.. 
but I do have a few things about in boxes
and look who decided to climb and sit there

Yes Hector..

Right I had best get on
Keep myself busy
Day five of the non smoking today..
All is going fine..
If I have something to do
Catch up later
Claire x


misteejay said...

What a super card Claire - I'm sure it will mean a lot.

Not long now and you'll be able to have all the teabags you could possibly want...

Toni xx

Chrissy said...

What a fantastic card Claire. I'm sure Karl will love it...and I'm very proud of you giving up smoking well done...


Debbie said...

Hi Claire...brilliant card. I'm sure Karl will absolutely love it.
Debbie x

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