Monday, November 28, 2011

The last day

Well Today is my Official last day of crafting..
Over here in Portugal
I have been slowly putting things away
and then taking them out again
but today see's the last card made...
I had planned to make another maze book 

I can not print as the printer once again needs ink
and will not work without the one it needs..
it isnt black I need it is yellow,
but it still will not let me print just black and white !!!
And it is going into storage for a few months
so not replacing for the ink to dry out

I have one remaining coloured image
that needs to be placed with care onto card and paper
Then I have to pack..
I have been told I need to know for definite 
that I can get what I want into the tub I have for the car
No amount of I will try what I think I want to take
then do the rest on Sunday will not work
Paul wants it packed and in the living room
with things we are taking !!
So once I have made my card
any scraps of backing paper, card, etc
will be thrown in the bin
ready to start a fresh in the UK
I think we still have internet the rest of the week
or at least I hope so
I need something to do

Had to share a couple of pictures 
Taken on our trip out with our neighbour
 Hannah in a world of her own waiting on her orange juice

Then tasting my Galou... 
Milky Coffee
Hannah thought it looked nice
A bit like hot chocolate
But soon realized is wasn't that nice
meaning I got to drink it all myself

Right I am going to go off and make my last card..
Slowly.... lol
Will post it later today if not it will be tomorrow
Thanks for stopping by xx


Chrissy said...

Hope you have a safe and happy trip...wont be long before you are on line again.Your daughter is a very pretty girl.


L00py's Craft Creations said...

Oh Poor you, big hugs hun, but it wont be long until playtime arrives again, take your time and enjoy the card. Soon you will be home, and freezing, and wanting nothing more than to curl up in your craft space and create, wont be long,


misteejay said...

Not long now Claire...just think of all those craft shops you'll be able to visit and you'll be able to play with all those goodies that are sitting waiting for you.

Toni xx

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