Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How sweet is MDH

I have re decorated for Christmas...
thought it was about time 
seen as December is nearly with us
And lots of blogs seems to be going Christmassy
I changed the wallpaper this morning... 
but my little headers had to wait until Paul came home
The software I have just didn't get the job done 
anyway my baubles are now hanging on my blog
oh and the fact that my new header was toooo big
so Paul had to hack into the program bit 
and change some of it !!!
Not something I can do, as I don't understand the code
But I am now happy with the look of my blog.
The header might stay after Christmas
just delete some of the writing
if I can find a nice wallpaper to go with it.
I had to share two pictures that I took on Sunday
I was over at my work desk
while Hannah and Paul where watching Zookeeper 
Hectors house door was open for him to stretch his legs
anyway he climbed onto the door and proceeded to clamber onto Hannah
Which Hannah was not impressed about
so Paul had to lean over and get him to walk onto his arm
 As you can see above it worked,
but not for long he was straight onto the back of the chair
and looking out of the window
Then about ten minutes later decided to cause havoc
by joining me on my work desk
and as you can guess his tail sends things flying
in all directions along with his long fingers and toes
I was not impressed..
Look what happened a few weeks ago
I don't mind when he sits on my knee
or even on my back.. 
but this time Hector had other things in mind
Yes he decided he wanted to be on my desk..
and climbing over me was OK
But I can tell you it hurt
His claws are sharp
and going into my eyes was not nice
And the fact Paul was taking the picture and it all happened to quickly
he couldn't stop him.
So if your thinking about getting an IG
remember you will be their personal climbing frame...lol

right time to go backing papers to print off 
and then in the morning I will do a post
on my Maze book...
Which I think turned out rather nice for a first attempt
Thanks for stopping by and hope you like the decorations xx


Chrissy said...

Well...I suppose you love your scaley friend....I would be scared to death....but..he is a very handsome fellow...looks very regal on top of the chair gazing out the window..lol..and his tail is sooo long.


Sandy said...

Love your redecorating, and wow, that certainly is a big Iguana! I can feel your pain, LOL, I think I will stick to my little dog!

misteejay said...

Love your Christmas look.

Toni xx

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