Friday, November 4, 2011


I was in the garden with DH and the dogs
when Tasmin was playing with something near the Garage
Hannah went to look and said it was a worm
and it was touching Tasmins nose !!
So myself and DH go to investigate.
A worm... NOT
we have a baby Viper in the garden
and Tasmin was playing with it
How cute is he/she
I have to admit I wanted Paul to pick it up
but we are unsure on whether it can bite
or whether it is venomous
here you can see the lovely red colours of his/her underneith

We have been on google to try and find the species
and we think it could be Lataste's Viper 
VIPERA LATASTE is a venomous viper species
Grows to a maximum length of about 72cm,
 but usually less
It is grey in colour, has a triangular head
horn on the tip of its nose
and zig zag pattern on its back
it can be seen day or night
but is usually hidden under rocks

Now we have three out houses 
which are full of stones and rocks
so we think maybe mum is in there
We have yet to go and look

The females give birth to between
2 and 13 young on average
Females give birth once every three years

Now this could explain why we have not seen one before
only being in the house for three years
and we are also hoping to see more little ones
This species was classified as near threatened
according to the IUCN red list of threatened species
From 2008 is recognised as Vulnerable listed as such because is it probably in significant decline
(but likely at a rate of less than 30% over 10 years)
due to widespread habitat loss 
making this species close to qualifying as vulnerable.
Further population reduction is expected over the next 10 years.
It is also listed as a strictly protected species

If we do find MUM, or more little ones
then we will look into finding someone to tell
and maybe they can advise.
but with us moving in 5 weeks
they may just have to fend for themselves
this is a pic of an adult I found on google

thought I would share our little find.
thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend


misteejay said...

Sorry Claire, endangered or not I think you can keep your vipers **shudder**

Toni xx

Chrissy said...

Aha...a slithery story to get the blood pressure up a bit..I think a phone call now would be called for before your dog gets too least the professionals will find Mum and take them somewhere safe...


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