Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A very very sad WOYWW

Happy WOYWWW to you all
You have probably hopped over from
after looking at Julias desk
what did you think ??
You came here to see what is on my desk
well over here is a sad day
you see I have had a death in the family
In my little family of crafting that is...
I was so so sad to see her go
She has been with me for so many cards
and had taken some battering, cutting
and anything else crafty
What am I talking about
MY Workdesk
here is what is on my workdesk
A Christmas easel card
Yes that is my workdesk
seriously it is
here is the sad story
We move back to the UK in five weeks
and because my desk was only made with chipboard
we decided she wouldn't be going with us
and I didn't want anyone else to have her
so she had to be laid to rest
Here she is..empty and looking unused 
Then she went outside..
ready to be taken apart..
Paul did the honours isn't he a DH
There she is..well just the top
How sad does Paul look
and after about half an hour of breaking 
she looked like the first picture
Even Tasmin had to check her out
wondering why she was in pieces
Then Kiya came to say goodbye too
(neither of them noticed the lovely card!! )
She (my desk) was cremated on Sunday
(I added the MY desk as Paul was reading this and asked why I said Kiya was cremated so thought if he thought that maybe one or two others would think the same)

I didn't have the heart to burn her
so Paul did the honours
And her ashes
Tasmin was just checking to make sure she was dead
My poor poor desk
I have spent many hours sat by her side
And all that is left are ashes
Sad sad time
I do have some happy news
I do still have a desk to use
I have brought the patio table inside
So she will be my desk until she goes off in storage
Here she is... not as big
but for this one picture VERY tidy
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday
and thank you for stopping by
Claire xx


Lunch Lady Jan said...

I feel as if you need to scatter her ashes at sea for some reason!! Like all great companions, she was at your side through successes and failures, thick and thin. 'You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone' to quote Joni Mitchell.
She did her best...what a gal :D
Hugs, LLJ xx
PS Got a tear in my eye now...!

Lisa-Jane said...

Will you be taking some of the ashes with you? Good luck with the move!


Bye bye desk *Wave* does this mean that you get to start crafting when you move back on a shiny new desk to create and love and produce lovely things on?

Made by Mandy said...

RIP dearly beloved desk. Glad to see that it still served you as a source of heat right until the very end.

Are you planning to hold a service for scattering the ashes? LOL

Great to see you still have somewhere to craft for the time being until your stuff is all packed up ready for the move.

My Desk #52

Love Mandy xxx

Neil said...

Sad tale indeed.I hope you find another one when your move is over!

Sarah said...

I feel we should write an epigraph, may she rest in peace...onto new surfaces!

JoZart said...

Ha hah! Is this just one giant ploy to get a new desk etc., for your UK craftspace? Well I'll still say a huge "Aaaaah" for all the service and creations your old desk has given.... Boo hoo even!
Love JoZarty x

Annie said...

My condolences. :-( Will you be taking her ashes with you when you move?
Seriously now....really hope the move goes well.
A x

voodoo vixen said...

Oh dear... sorry about the desk... it was so unusual it surprises me nobody wanted it!! So you are about to go into packing mode... eeeek!! I know that feeling so well!!

misteejay said...

Aww, bye-bye desk.

Still, nice new one to look forward to one you have sorted out a house. In the mean time I'm sure you'll make good use of the one where you'll be staying.

Toni xx

Chrissy said...

My deepest heart felt sympathies on your loss least she didnt suffer.
On a happy can get a brand new one after you have moved...bigger, with draws, one a matching chair....why not??? aahh!! go nuts....get some bookcases too...


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh brave you were! Let's hope your new desk will be a faithful and useful in fulfilling your crafting needs!

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

So sorry for your loss, and I can only hope that time will heal some of the pain... looks like quite a violent death and that can be traumatic... why is it that men love smashing things sooo much.. hope your new desk when you get it, will bring you as much joy... happy WOYWW

Bridget Larsen said...

RIP to your desk and my Bigshot. I dont know how you could photograph it, it is absolutely gorgeous. sniff sniff I am crying with you, I get sentimental about things like this too.
Bridget #2 thanks for stopping by my WOYWW and commenting, all the best for the England move

Amy E said...

What a sad post...maybe you should take a little jar of her ashes to sit on your shiney new workdesk when you get one?!?

Amy E.

Elizabeth said...

Aaww, you must be devastated. To lose your beloved desk! I think that would have been enough reason for me to stay put. Hopefully, you will have a lovely new desk once you get settled again and at least you can carry on crafting on the makeshift desk in the meantime. Enjoy your week. Elizabeth x #59

Anonymous said...

RIP faithful desk, she served you well. Hope your new one in England will have as many good memories for you.

Brenda 74

Morti said...

RIP, beloved desk.

Here's to a new, bright, shiny and wonderful desk.

I love how you still have a card on the broken remains..... ROFLMAO

April said...

Ahhhhhh poor desk! joking aside I bet you were sad to see her go! look forward to seeing what you permanently replace her with when you move :o) x

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

So sorry for your loss! Good luck with the packing and moving:)

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Oh dear! I think it would have been easier if you let someone who would love it as much as you have her! It seems a pity to have had her put down when she had many more years left on her! Patsy from

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