Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What a day..

I had today all planned out
WOYWW post..
baking then some craft time
how wrong was I..
Managed to do my post earlier..
then step Daughter caught me on Skype..
So that was an hour gone on chatting
I did make scones.. and they went down quiet nicely
with my cup of coffee..
but not a lot else..
will make the other cakes tomorrow
I have four weeks left here in Portugal
and only TWO teabags !!! arrggg
didn't plan that right did I.
I did spend some time with Hannah this afternoon
Paper folding
here she is concentrating
We where making flowers.. 
spent about an hour in total..Hannah manged nicely in the end
Here is the collection.
I made a rather large shirt
which are so so easy when you know how
And I think that is one of the TO PACK
and then I made the bird
He isn't perfect but so reminds me off Wentworth Miller 
from Prison Break
I also spent about an hour altering an image in Digital Image Suite
and thought I had done a good job
Paul came home.. and told me I could have done it in five minutes
but then he is a programmer !!
I started a card.. just need finishing touches to it
Lets hope I get time tomorrow
Thank you to all that have been popping over 
and leaving comments.
Love reading them all.
Time to fly
Catch you tomorrow at some point


L00py's Craft Creations said...

Hmmn , oh sorry what were you saying I got a tad distracted by a half naked male that suddenly appeared on the screen, Oh look he's still there!!

Lol, bad timing on the tea bags hun, hope you find some somewhere, bet you cant wait to get home now!!

Lou #44

misteejay said...

Gosh, time is flying isn't it. Shame about the teabags but I'm sure you'll cope.
Hannah looked like she was enjoying herself with the paperfolding.

Toni xx

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