Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wow it is WOYWW once again

AND I did it again... 
I went over to Julias.. 
Just so I had her blog open to link up
But no.... I have been snooping...
NOT good when you have so much to do
I have been sat here so long I need another coffee
and not even done my own post.
Have to say there are some very busy desk's
some very tidy desks !!!! haha
I have to do my post..
It is baking day today
I have planned to make
Chocolate fairy cakes, Egg custards, Scones
and some oatie biscuits.
Maybe some Chocolate brownies
but that means going to the shop for bars of chocolate
And I was kind of hoping I could craft today 
what did you pop over for ??
Last week was a sad week...
And I would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments
some made me laugh..
here is my stand in desk
How tidy am I this week..
Gold star for me I think..
But then there is a reason
We are using it for eating from 
The TV has the Playstation connected
So it isn't really MY desk
So I have to tidy up when I am not using.
As you can see I am ready for making a couple of cards 
and I also have a finished card !!
(more on that on a later post)
On the right there are Christmas blues
with a Tickled Pink image waiting to be coloured
so He matches
In the middle are four new images I bought 
(SHHHHH don't tell Paul)
Here is a better pic of them..are they not just cute
they are from the Clipart Fairy
Oh and my other Tickled Pink image
Coloured and ready for my next card.
You can just see her cut out and sitting with the chosen papers.
Oh and look
The Jar
That is my old desk
I have yet to finish decorating 
so another post just for her later on
Right I had best get going
Thanks for stopping xx


Neil said...

Hi there. Thanks for sharing your creative space with us this week. I hope the rest of the week goes well and creative too!
Neil #57

Sarah said...

Those are lovely images with great shading - love them...crafting and cooking and chocolate - like the sound of it all! Have a fun day whatever you do! Thanks for the peek! Sarah at 14.

Anesha said...

Lovely iamges on your desk, love the one with Homer!!

misteejay said...

Looks like you've been busy with your colouring Claire...hope your baking has been going well.

Toni xx

Chrissy said...

Awww..your desk in a jar..that is quite sad in a have been busy colouring away and now domestic goddess


Marjo said...

Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hope you are having a wonderful WOYWW.

xoxo Marjo

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

I am coming to your house for a cuppa... that is like the hugest baking list ever... i would need a lie down and a glass of wine after doing all that... poor you sharing your desk... hoping you get a desk back soon xx

Hazel said...

Very organised - love your images (Hazel WOYWW #89) x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Does any of the chocolate make into the baking, cos it doesn't in my house - and that's not all down to me either!!
Poor old desk... still think you should bury it at sea :)
Hugs, LLJ #42 xx

Amy E said...

Oh wow...I can't wait to see all those gorgeous images made into cards! So, now that your "desk" can't get messy since it's multi-purposed, do you find yourself being more productive or less productive?

Amy E.

bohemiannie! art said...

After reading about your baking, I had a hard time concentrating on your art, but I think it was beautiful!

Morti said...

LOL - I'm sure you'll have a new desk soon, yes?

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