Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's on your work desk 130

Yes it is Wednesday once again...
wow that week went quicker than the one before.
Keep them flying by please...
Your now thinking am nuts...
if they fly Christmas will be here
and yes that's sort of what I want
I am Craft-less .. it had to be packed away ready
So I have nothing to do..
So if the the next two weeks would like to fly past
then please hurry and do so..
This is what my day brings
Craft wise anyway.
I do have lots to do
Tomorrow we are going out for the day
and then Friday I am doing them last minute
cleaning jobs before Pickfords gets here on Monday
So next Wednesday I wont even have a
Here is my VERY VERY tidy desk
See all packed away
I was going to take the table down also
but we still use it at tea time
Sorry it's a boring one.
but am sure there are some other
more interesting desk's out there
for you to sneak at
if your in the mood to nosey then
is where you need to be
with her G3 !!!!
Thanks for stopping by
and am starting my smooch round desks now
Claire xx

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Last card made in Portugal

Evening to you all in blog land
Hope it is warmer where you are
it's like a good old British day over here in Portugal
I am snuggled up in the study keeping warm Hector the Iguana's heaters keep the whole room warm
anyway onto my card.
Although I have more cards to post from now until we leave for the UK this one I made yesterday
Just before packing all my craft things away
I am officially craft-less now until two weeks time
But the study does look nice and tidy !!!!
Wait till they see it tomorrow !!!
I am sure to look like this by the end of the week though

Hopefully not so hairy though !!! lol
My card
Purple and orange 
Lil Lolita Willow from Tickled Pink
Coloured in PENCIL
(two weeks till I get my shiney new pens)
 I then added some flowers in Orange and Purple
 Here is a close up of her..
 And then the Handwritten Sentiments
 Oh and of course Tasmin had to get in there somewhere
As you can see I took the pictures outside
as it is a very dark day today

I am entering this into
Tickled Pink - Handwritten Sentiments
Make it Monday - Linky

Thanks for stopping by
Claire x

Monday, November 28, 2011

The last day

Well Today is my Official last day of crafting..
Over here in Portugal
I have been slowly putting things away
and then taking them out again
but today see's the last card made...
I had planned to make another maze book 

I can not print as the printer once again needs ink
and will not work without the one it needs..
it isnt black I need it is yellow,
but it still will not let me print just black and white !!!
And it is going into storage for a few months
so not replacing for the ink to dry out

I have one remaining coloured image
that needs to be placed with care onto card and paper
Then I have to pack..
I have been told I need to know for definite 
that I can get what I want into the tub I have for the car
No amount of I will try what I think I want to take
then do the rest on Sunday will not work
Paul wants it packed and in the living room
with things we are taking !!
So once I have made my card
any scraps of backing paper, card, etc
will be thrown in the bin
ready to start a fresh in the UK
I think we still have internet the rest of the week
or at least I hope so
I need something to do

Had to share a couple of pictures 
Taken on our trip out with our neighbour
 Hannah in a world of her own waiting on her orange juice

Then tasting my Galou... 
Milky Coffee
Hannah thought it looked nice
A bit like hot chocolate
But soon realized is wasn't that nice
meaning I got to drink it all myself

Right I am going to go off and make my last card..
Slowly.... lol
Will post it later today if not it will be tomorrow
Thanks for stopping by xx

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hand written sentiment

Hello and welcome
Hope you have had a good weekend.
I have a card to show
Christmas once again
Started as an easel card but turned round
and again a Tickled Pink image
as I chose the backing paper first for a change
this time I kept her fairly simple, mainly white
Isn't she a sweetie
 As you can see i went for red and green
traditional colours, although a checked paper
I have then added a Hand written sentiment to the inside
I really really do not like my handwriting
so I don't do this very

I am entering this into
Tickled Pink Challenge

We have been sorting the last few bits and pieces out
But we have also been out with our neighbour 
for a goodbye coffee

Here is a picture of the little town
we was in earlier today
As you can see it has a lagoon on the left
and behind the houses on the right
is the Atlantic
We plan to go back next weekend on our own
so I will have some more photos.

Thanks for stopping by x

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Using up

Things in the kitchen units time
We move in just under two weeks.
so I am trying to use food up..
We will not be taking any with us so what is left will go in the bin
and it's amazing what is in them
Fridge and freezer are more or less empty
its the store room things, flour pasta rice etc
here is what we made yesterday afternoon
 we made cakes..

 Chocolate ones.. and am sure they will be eaten with in the week
Paul and Hannah like them
We did buy some Portuguese Christmas cake.. it isnt that nice
here is a pic of it
 Yes it comes with full thick slices of peel on the top
amd has more nuts in it than anything
it looks lovely but the taste is not so..
I then made this
 looks very pale as this is a before pic...
Apple crumble but with a pastry base
I always do a pastry base so the apple stays nicer
Just the way I like it
 Here is after its cooked
and I have to was rather nice

There is plenty
we had it hot with icecream last night
so tonight it may be cold with custard..
Time for me to get some washing in and ironing done 
and pack some clothes into black bags
ready to go into the car travel box.
Thanks for stopping by xx

Maze book attempt one

Morning to all my blog friends
and Hello to my new follower Okienurse
Very nice of you to join me
This post is picture heavy.. grab a coffee
and I will try not to rabbit on tooooo much :o)
I have been saying about this maze book
for nearly a week now so thought I had best get it posted on here
We may be internet-less at any time !!!
(just two weeks to go...excited)
I saw it on Julia Dunnits blog two weeks ago
and thought I have to give that a try
so here is my attempt
Here I have my large peice of card folded ready to be cut
you can also see book number two
Yes I am going to make another
Here is the front
I decided on a paper Christmas tree
then used a gold wooden star and peel offs
Here is the book stood finished
Now onto the inside

I chose to do Paul and Hector
As the book will be going to Paul's mum
the little Teddy tag is from Bugaboo
the house image from Google

This page again using a picture from Google
We spent a good hour or so downloading music
and then burning the CD,
we then used the same image on the cd.
The music is King college Choir and it's lovely
I listened to it while making the book
I have a lot of stitching paterns
so hunted through and found an Angel
Perfect for Christmas and only took an hour to sew
And with the added bonus Paul's mum loves them
I then used part of a Christmas carol 
and yet another Image from Google to create the opposite page
Here is a closer view of the Angel
Isn't she sweet.
(I plan to sew another this afternoon for the next book)
Then came the two pooches
Tasmin and Kiya
I don't mention Kiya much on here 
she spends most of the day laid outside
and Tasmin is always by my side.
(Kiya is Paul's dog)

Then it was the terrible
This is an old picture of the two of us
but I know Paul's mum likes it so used it
The snowman is from Bugaboo
The robins I found on the PC but it doesn't tell me where I got them from

Next came Santa
I used a couple of verses from a very famous Rhyme
with Ivy round as I could not find my Holly
(I was a lot annoyed but it doesn't look too bad)
Then in the pocket there is Santa
He came from the local supermarket
I thought it would be nice to have a small present inside the book
so in he went, and he will be hung on the tree after

Closer view of Santa
not sure you can tell but he has sparkly beard and hem on his coat

This page I was stuck on for ages...
so opted for tree and Raindeer
It look quiet plain to the other pages

Then came the BIGGEST pest of all
This was last years School photo
Then just a rather plain back page

Finished book...
oh and I HAVE to add the next picture
Paul thinks people should see that it is me making these
I really don't like my picture being
but that's me, happy in craft world, making a mess

I am going to enter this into

Thanks for stopping by
Claire xx

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WOYWW part two

haha... I am doing a second post...
why your asking
well Hannah got a lot upset about the fact I had shown the world
that her stuff was on my desk...
so here is the desk now
 Hannah spent a while moving her stuff and making it look tidy
Hannah even took the pictures.
This one is a little blurred but I have to add
I can still see her bag on the desk...
and my guess is..everything of hers is stuffed
happy WOYWW

7 days have flown by

Meaning it is once again that day where we travel around the world and look at peoples work desks
it all starts over at the Stamping Ground with the Head mistress Julia Dunnit
and wow her desk looks fab this week...I love the owls eyes !!
I have to say my desk is not as interesting, 
(it's the old patio table)
 it has been shoved into the corner of the room 
why am I complaining I was the one that moved it...
I finally finished packing my drawer unit that stood in the corner,
 so I moved that into the living room with everything else to go a week on Monday
here is my desk
 Yes messy... 
not a lot of the things on there are mine.. 
as you can see I have marked accordingly
to Hannah's utter
polish I have to admit to putting on there after I had polished the study
The tub on the floor is my moving tub...
I have to get everything in there for the move
which I have tried and done.. it is nearly full 
but the things on my desk fit in nicely..
Well tha'st it for now...
I will get my post done on my Maze Book
its Julia who got me started on it after seeing hers last week
Thanks for stopping by and I will try and pop to your blogs later 
Claire x

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How sweet is MDH

I have re decorated for Christmas...
thought it was about time 
seen as December is nearly with us
And lots of blogs seems to be going Christmassy
I changed the wallpaper this morning... 
but my little headers had to wait until Paul came home
The software I have just didn't get the job done 
anyway my baubles are now hanging on my blog
oh and the fact that my new header was toooo big
so Paul had to hack into the program bit 
and change some of it !!!
Not something I can do, as I don't understand the code
But I am now happy with the look of my blog.
The header might stay after Christmas
just delete some of the writing
if I can find a nice wallpaper to go with it.
I had to share two pictures that I took on Sunday
I was over at my work desk
while Hannah and Paul where watching Zookeeper 
Hectors house door was open for him to stretch his legs
anyway he climbed onto the door and proceeded to clamber onto Hannah
Which Hannah was not impressed about
so Paul had to lean over and get him to walk onto his arm
 As you can see above it worked,
but not for long he was straight onto the back of the chair
and looking out of the window
Then about ten minutes later decided to cause havoc
by joining me on my work desk
and as you can guess his tail sends things flying
in all directions along with his long fingers and toes
I was not impressed..
Look what happened a few weeks ago
I don't mind when he sits on my knee
or even on my back.. 
but this time Hector had other things in mind
Yes he decided he wanted to be on my desk..
and climbing over me was OK
But I can tell you it hurt
His claws are sharp
and going into my eyes was not nice
And the fact Paul was taking the picture and it all happened to quickly
he couldn't stop him.
So if your thinking about getting an IG
remember you will be their personal climbing

right time to go backing papers to print off 
and then in the morning I will do a post
on my Maze book...
Which I think turned out rather nice for a first attempt
Thanks for stopping by and hope you like the decorations xx

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Morning blues

Well hope you all had a lovely weekend
Mine was ok... Boring at times..but ok
I had lots of craft time so was happy
I have made my latest card for
Tickled Pink Challenges
Actually made two..but one of them I was not happy with
It looks fine but the colouring of the image is not good
anyway here is the card I am going to enter into a couple of Challenges
I have used Die cuts, Gems and Ribbon
also three patterned paper and Embossing
Anything Goes
Anything Goes Linky

Onto my card
made in Browns and Blues this time
the papers are from Summer Driggs
she has some gorgeous papers.
The Image is from Tickled Pink 
called Lil Christmas Ivy
I followed the sketch on the front panel
 adding some square gems in the top corner.
The sentiment was stamped onto 
a die cut scalloped circle
 Closer view of the Image
 Here you can see the inside of the card
with my chicken wire embossed card as the panel to write on
This card is made as an easel card
just stood the opposite way..if that makes sense
maybe there is a name for this type of card

I have also been busy making a Maze Book.
After seeing it on Julia Dunnits blog
and wanting to have a go
I googled and got instructions..
and had lots of fun
Will show on the next post
I need to get some pictures taken
Right that's me for now
Hope you all have a good week 
will pop over to your blogs later
(I am going to look for new wallpaper for my blog)
Thanks for Stopping By xx