Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello fellow bloggers...

Hope your weekend has been a good one..
We have been super busy in the garage..
Sorting out tools... yes thousands of tools...
Am not sure why men need so many screwdrivers!!!
Does anyone know ???
I thought maybe a Phillips and a flat headed....sorted but nope
Long handled, short, stumpy different colours..
oh and not forgetting the ones that you can change the ends !!!!
not just one of them though... same again, long short stumpy
Am so glad there sorted and the garage is tidy and everything we are taking back to UK is at one end ready for the removal company
Here is what came out of the room at the back of the garage !!
Oh and the Screwdriver home... 
they all have their own drawers for what type they are!!!

You can see the room at the back is now empty.. the shelves are staying.
So one very large garage and outhouses sorted
Then it was up into the loft...
now that's another big task, but one I will be doing tomorrow
Most of the things in their are what came over with us
that have NOT even come out of the boxes !!
Do we really need it, or should we throw it !!
Sort out time
I also received my images for the next stage of the CDAC challenge
so I have chosen two and printed them off
I am going to lay on the bed...watching something
and colour.
why in the bedroom...
it is so much cooler than anywhere else in the house
So I will hopefully have something to show later on
Thanks for stopping by xx


Amy E said...

I think I figured it out a while ago... boys need 100 types of screwdrivers even though we can't understand it. BUT we need 100 kinds of adhesives and papers and they can't understand it. So, I just go with it and smile when hubby comes home with another screwdriver. And then I go upstairs and play with my paper :)

Amy E.

misteejay said...

Yep, it's the male version of our stash collecting...but I think our stuff is far more interesting.

Looks like you have been really busy.

Toni xx

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