Friday, October 14, 2011

IT'S FRIDAY meaning...

NO BBQ :o(
No it is all nicely cleaned and packed away...

We do have a small one that you can use coals on 
Which we will no doubt use at some point..
It is still nice and warm over here in the evening so nice for BBQ's
I said goodbye to all my living and Dining room furniture last night 
Which I am pleased about, We liked it when we bought it.
But then decided it was all too dark..
So I have two huge rooms empty.

Kiya enjoying the space. but wondering why she has no where to hide.
Little miss who likes to hide in corners..
Just means something else we need to purchase once back to Blighty.
But believe it or saved us over thousand pound in removal costs!!
So Busy weekend ahead of me
More sorting out..not craft stuff though
I am going to do my best to leave the rest as late as possible.
Right I am going to tootle off and actually do a post about a card
Thanks for popping over
Claire xx


misteejay said...

It will also give you the chance to buy stuff that will go with the new house when you find one.

Toni xx

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