Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Already

Time flies when your having fun...
and when your not having fun !!!
We have water.. so I am happy, not a lot of it but we have some
Still dodgy when we flush the toilets... but showers are fine which makes no sense really
and to be honest I don't care
I have spent a little time on Google this morning...
Looking for a nice image of an Iris flower
well I popped in Iris and line drawing as I wanted to colour it
and look what came up
Isn't she lovely... there are quiet a few of this type of picture
and I like lots... so I am now in the process of finding out if I can use them
The website is a colouring site.. but at this moment in time I can not find anywhere that tells me it is OK to use 
I don't want to get into trouble..
So if anyone knows if I can actually use this drop me a comment

I did manage to find some backing papers yesterday
so later on I am going to have a crafty hour or so.
I went to the local ink store last night
and guess what.. no yellow for my printer
they tell me they have today
so to the local ink store tonight.. hopefully they have some fingers crossed
I hope your all OK in the land of blog,
I will pop over to see you at some point today
in between more packing and playing

thanks for stopping by x


misteejay said...

Beautiful image Claire - there are a few "colouring in" sites that have super images. Hope you hear soon about the use of this lovely image.

Toni xx

Chrissy said...

I use a lot of colouring pictures Claire...if there is no copyrite on the bottom, I use them...haven't been told off yet..lol..


Chrissy said...

Ok...I just went and had a look and the artist says...'All my line of art are free to colour, as long she gets the credit" so guess you are safe....
her name is Michelle Hoefener...


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