Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Move

Well in my last post I showed pictures of MY craft stuff packed
with a pic of Tasmin
I have been asked a couple of questions about the move
So I thought I would do a blog post
to answer as many as possible.
and then just send said people the link
so here goes.
We will be travelling by car which is 2350 km
in miles that is 1460.
We leave Portugal on the 10th December 
and make our way to Bilbao in Spain 
taking about 10 hours
Once there we have to show passports
not just us the dogs have their own
We had to have these to bring them back into the UK
or it would have meant both dogs going into
costing us..wait for it
£1000 a month per dog !!
back onto the journey
we jump on the ferry at Bilbao which takes 24 hours
but brings us to Portsmouth and onto UK soil.
Then we just have about a 6 hour drive
in a left hand drive car 
which will be fun
(taking into account stops for the dogs)
up to Halifax to drop Kiya off
Kiya will be stopping with Paul's son Karl
until we find our new home.
we may stay over as we have not seen Karl 
for about two years now
so will be nice to catch up.
but depends on how Hector is!!
more on him in a few
We then travel from Halifax onto Caistor
which is near Brigg, to Paul's mum's house.
That is going to be our temporary home while looking for our new home.

Tasmin who usually looks like this...
A cocker spaniel not a
Will be going with us to Pauls mum.

The two dogs will be travelling in these
the reason being
We have to get so much in the car
having them loose would be a nightmare
We are using them now 
so they are used to being in them
and I can tell you it took three days
before Kiya would go inside.
Now these take up most of the boot
so we have bought a roof box
For our clothes.
bedding and whatever can be piled in there
We also have a box which will fit snuggly 
under the two dog cages in the boot
inside this we are hoping to get the
PC, PlayStation, WII, 
any other elecrical things
oh and I have permission to squeeze cards in there too.

Now Hector the sometimes friendly iguana
He wanted to sit on my knee... 
either that or he wanted to help with the card I was in the middle of doing
He is fairly big now
As you can see behind me his house
well what was a three door built in wardrobe.
He will be travelling on the back seat next to Hannah
This is his moving home already lined with fake turf
it is the biggest tub we can buy 
that will fit behind the passenger seat with the seat forward but I am sure he will be OK
We have a Hot water bottle with a snuggly cover 
that we will fill throughout the journey
to keep him warm
He will not be eating though
we have had advice on not feeding him two days before
because he will be so stressed 
he wouldn't digest the food
which will in turn go off in his stomach
and make him ill.
So he will be very hungry when we finally 
get to Paul's mum's
We have ordered his next home
so it should be installed and ready!!
so as soon as we get there, Hector can stretch his tail
and have something nice to eat.
So as you can see..we have a lot to fit into the car
and have had a lot to sort out
the number of lists we have made is unreal
what we would like to take
and what we CAN actually take
My die cutting machine vs a TV
the machine
anyway I will let you get off now
Sorry it was such a long post
but people have been asking all sorts of questions
so I hope I have answered them all
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon
have a brill week
Claire x


Chrissy said...

My! oh! my! what a journey you have in store for you...hope all goes smoothly hun! Glad you got a roof box, that will help...glad your die cut machine took ike you should have sold the car, hired a truck, and bought another car when you got there. Poor HANNAH !! All the best...


Clair said...

Wow Wow Wow....It's stressful enough moving house in the same country but boy, you've had a tough time! I'm sure it'll all go according to plan and you'll all need some chillout time when you arrive at MIL's. I'll be in touch before that no doubt, but lots of luck with everything and I'll look forward to catching up with your new life back in good old blighty!!
Lots fo love
Clair xxx

misteejay said...

Gosh that is going to be some trip for you all. When my niece moved to North Yorkshire I had the dog & two tortoises to transport for a 5hr journey...boy; tortoises can be noisy.

I'm sure things will go fine.

Toni xx

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