Thursday, October 20, 2011

What did I do...

Why oh why did I pack my things....
I am bored stupid...
I coloured a couple of images yesterday
and keep looking at them thinking
they need to go onto a card...
I have also been playing with ribbon..
(I didn't pack it) 
I have followed a tutorial over at
to make the Christmas wreath
and it looks fantastic when its made..
so much so I have a few sat waiting to go onto cards
So guess what
I am going to find some card and paper
without unpacking everything 
and have a play..
I really don't have room in the car for more made cards..
but I am a crafter
and have to craft.. you lot should know how that feels
Paul suggested just taking the cards I may need
Oh and out of boredom yesterday
I now have a Linky !!!
you see... I have an idea for when I get back to the UK
just need to look into it a little more
But one thing is for sure
I will have a blog candy
to celebrate my return to the UK
I will hit a craft shop
(for me to stock up) 
but buy double of a few things..
Exciting eh..
right I am going to go off and find some card
Have a lovely day
and you may hear from me later
with a couple of new cards
Claire x


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