Sunday, October 16, 2011

Naughty, Naughty Claire

You see.... Boredom cost's money !!!!
Really it does
Especially when your called Claire
you see I was blog hopping looking around as I do
For some inspiration for my next card...
And a link on a blog sent me to
Wild Orchid Craft !!!
Big Big Big mistake
you see I have been in ore of some of the flowers people use
Mainly Toni over at My World Sort Of
I was going to wait until I hit the shops in the UK 
But my finger kept clicking on the Add to Cart button
(I blame the finger as well as
Anyway to cut a long story short
I now have
750 flowers heading their way to
my next home in the Uk
AKA Paul's mums house.
(roll on 7 weeks and 6 days time)
oh and not forgetting
60 heart shaped pins!!
and also the next
Assassins creed game for the PS3
(not from the same shop I might add)
I am excited though.. 
My list of things I have waiting for me is growing
I made a quick card today..
using up some more of my papers
I have also been colouring images for the next stage of 
CDACPC.. if you havn't got yours there is a reason for it
You have to go to the site and follow the instructions, they had problems with emails in the last round so they thought it would be easier for you to download all from the link.
There are some really cute digi's
Anyway It is time for me to sign out of log land until tomorrow
Hope you all had a nice weekend
Thanks for stopping by
Claire x


misteejay said...

Oh what are you like...LOL...and blaming it all on me - tut, tut!

They do have some pretty fab stuff on that site, don't they.

You are going to have such a fab time when you get back to the UK.

Toni xx

Chrissy said...

Oh! sound like me shopping at WOC...then they sit there cause no matter what I do they just dont look right, you I have plastered some on cards and they weren't too bad...As for the layout, I'd be honoured if you wanted to use it..anytime..feel free.
Gorgeous card you made, love the darling wee cute.


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