Monday, October 10, 2011

Not a happy bunny today

Well this morning was going just great
I have managed to get a few more things packed away
and sorted more of Hannah's things
just one more wardrobe to go !!
I then had a plan on cleaning..
but..and it is a HUGE but
The water we use if from the well
And I have a horrible feeling it is dry!!
I can get water but it is a trickle
meaning... no cleaning, no shower, 
and NO flushing the toilet..
I sent Hannah next door and asked if we could have a couple of buckets of water
which will keep us going toilet wise
until the man of the house gets home from work at 6pm
So I thought if I can't do housework
fine excuse to do some crafting
I have everything I need on my desk..
apart from backing papers..
I have recently bought some via download
from the clipart Fairy
easy print some off
nah the printer has decided to stop working..
after about half an hour of trying to work out why
it finally tells me I have ran out of yellow ink
Ink draw...every colour but yellow
I could go to the shop to buy more.
Problem there is Paul has the car!!
so I am rather stuck on doing anything
So I am going to unpack my craft things
to hunt for papers I may be able to use
I have been sorting out pictures on the PC
and came across this one of me
In my little car.... I do miss that car..
I now wish I had kept it and not sold it because we moved to Portugal
I would have had a car to go back to..
If only we could turn back time..
Right time to sulk on my own...
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misteejay said...

Big hugs Claire - hope you sort the water situation out and manage to get some crafting done.

Toni xx

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