Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am so a bad blogger...

Especially of late... but is so nice over here,
 and I have been busy keeping everything tidy
just in case we get someone wanting to look round. 
(huge sigh)
then in the afternoon I have been in the garden, 
or dog walking
so I have not been blogging... 

I have been doing little bits of crafty things in between
you know when its too hot to be outside
but you should really be doing something else
and you happen to go in the work room !!
damm that die flew into my hand and the card out of the box 
OMG the handle is
sort of thing
So I do have a card to show.

A Christmas card.... yes another..
and I have to admit... 
I don't have to make anymore.. 
I have more than enough for friends for this year
but I keep making them.
I have lots made, but have not used on my blog
I should spend some time on here
and show them
A bit closer up...
as you can see its a decoupage.. 
I decided to pick out the yellow on the snowman's hat
to use as layering
and went for purple's
I know exactly which friend will get this one

I won't get much done over the weekend..
as we are going out with friends..
the car is fixed so the weekend of fun attempt two
Hannah has already packed her bag
swimming suit, towel, and I saw an apple going in the bottom of the bag
( smiles) 
It is by the front door

I am waiting on an email as I have another post lined up
and will be asking for your help... 

Thanks for stopping by xxx


misteejay said...

Claire this is a lovely card - such pretty colours.

Toni xx

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