Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bag of rubbish

Yes you have read that right....
I will explain...
I am sat here with a coffee, having ten minutes break from cleaning windows..
the job that takes me three hours to do just the downstairs.
anyway onto the bag of rubbish..
It isn't rubbish so to speak it is CANDY
you have to go to Lazy cats and see the post
It made me giggle..
Penni's husband has done a post on her blog !!!!
and is giving what he calls a bag of rubbish away.
Click here and go see the post it will make you smile all day
I thought it was so funny... 
but then thought about it... what if Paul was to do the same....
I would be so upset.. as he doesn't know what I use the most
or what is my favorite thing !!!
doesn't bare thinking about.
Here is the bag of "rubbish"

I just have to say..thankyou Simon for the bag of Penni's rubbish


misteejay said...

Just goes to prove 'one man's treasure is another man's trash'

Toni xx

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