Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding card

I have been asked to make a wedding card.... that will be the second while over here..
Now I did think about making the same one as I made before..
Then I thought I would like to do something a little more special..
I have lots of ideas going through my head, some may work some may not...
At this moment in time I have so much stuff out in the craft room I cant move..
I am going to have to tidy up before I can go any further
(I can only get to the pc )
I have made the box the card will go into though... 
here it is
It isn't a brilliant picture as the light over here is terrible, and putting the room light on has made it worse...
This one is with no room light on...
It is made from plain white card and one A4 piece of acetate.
there are no sides as the card will slide in either way..
As you have probably guessed it will be an easel card.
(big grin)
 All I need to do now is make it pretty.. I have the idea of flowers..
as I am thinking of putting them onto the card also, and some nice ribbon and whatever else I have that will look nice..
Maybe sit and glue some sewing gems onto wire !!
So once I have cleared the work-desk enough for me to get to my machine
I can start the long job of die cutting all the parts for flowers.
Hopefully by tonight I will have a prettier box to show.

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Enjoy playing.

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