Monday, August 1, 2011

Bad Blogger

Yes that is me, I have been really bad... Although it is for good reasons...
I have been so busy making the house pretty for the open day... 
All my efforts went to waste... not my fault... 
The so called agents said they had advertised that it was open house, and they had about 30 people wanting to look round...
We were fairly excited, as we thought maybe one out of 30 may put an offer in..
(lots of but's)
No one came !!! not one person..
So all my work was for nothing, the flowers, everything hidden away, towels neatly folded in bathrooms like you see in show home's, minimal everything... spotless.... I even went so far as to keep the dogs out of the house so I could mop the kitchen floor, so there wasn't even doggy prints!!
I was so not happy, 
So we are going to arrange another for the end of this month... at least the rooms we don't use. ( 6 of them) I will only have to polish and quick plump of pillows etc.. 
But it is so annoying... I even did all the ironing !!! dedication on my

The good news is..I have made a couple of cards in between cleaning and arranging... Mainly while floors were drying etc..

I have noticed a challenge that one of my cards could be entered into so I will be doing another post...
but here is one
It is nothing special... It was a quick make with some left over paper and a decoupage I found while trying to hide some of my craft things.. I have used a Portuguese greeting, as one of the women Paul works with has a birthday in a couple of weeks... so it will head off with Paul.. 
Right I had best be off...another post to do...

Thanks for stopping by xx


misteejay said...

Sorry to hear the 'open house' didn't happen after all your hard work - fingers crossed for the re-schedule.

Cute card Claire.

Toni xx

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