Friday, August 26, 2011

The weekend is

is here once again... yippee..
Seems over the last couple of weeks I have had no time at the weekend
for crafty time.. Paul has no deadlines, so he isn't working
and we have had friends over in Portugal so we have been going places..
Last weekend we went up into the mountains..
It was lovely, we went rock climbing, paddling in the stream 
and even bumped into these gorgeous animals
 I couldn't believe how tame they are.. even so I didn't try to stroke them
You can just see some of the mountain behind him..
Now this one decided he was hungry and invaded someones picnic
I am so glad it wasn't ours and it was locals...
they just pushed him away.. I certainly wouldn't move him !!
here he is helping him self !!!
Here is Paul with our friends children,Rock hopping through the stream
I am quiet far back here as I have the bag's, shoes to contend with
And it is so slippery, I went in further than planned a couple of times..
Soggy wet sundress and bikini bottoms...
(big grin)
Oh and not forgetting the bottom of the bag!!!
This one is when we first got down to the stream, as you can see shoes off and paddle
Paul will be telling me off for putting this on here..."I look fat" haha
Hannah doesn't look to sure about rock hopping, but after five minutes
she was off.. and I was left behind.

Anyway this weekend is just as mad..
tomorrow we are going to the local market again
then in the afternoon it is our turn to entertain
BBQ time... 
I have lots to do, BBQ marinade to make
and clean the BBQ from last time
why do I leave it.. I really should clean it after the last one
Are you lot the same !!
right I had best get on.
I have another post to do with a card to show
Thanks for stopping by xx


misteejay said...

Looks like folk had a geat time. I don't think I would have wanted to contend with that beatie if it had wanted my picnic LOL

Toni xx

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