Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What a day...

I have had today.... not only am I still stuck on the card I had planned to make but we have had lots of thunder storms, really loud, but very pretty lightning, I was amazed at how dark it went over here...then to top it, we had no electric..which is quite normal over here when we have thunder storms.. but it just makes everything darker.. the house can be dark anyway but with no lights it is quite spooky.. looking out of the window now it is nice and sunny, you wouldn't even know it had rained for three hours.

I popped on to show you a quick card I made while it was dark..

It is just an A4 folded in half with backing paper from Making Cards magazine with matching topper, I had a little paper left over so I die cut the butterfly  to add dimension, then added ribbon to the left. I have no idea who this card is for, I was just in the mood for crafting.. and my other card is still sat staring at me... I must get it started.


misteejay said...

This card is beautiful.

We have had heavy rain here but no thunder storms...the rain started to come down heavily just as I was setting off for home - typical. I have arrived home nicely soggy. I love watching lightening especially if there are any mountains near - friends have a home in the Sth France near the mountains and it looks like a laser show when they have lightening.

Toni xx

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