Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I've been in

the garden colouring.... it is so nice outside that I have been sat on the patio, the only reason I am not still there, is that I am now tooo warm, (phew) and the sun is way too bright and I cant really see what I am doing. And I have to get ready to pick Hannah up from school.

Above is Edwin, from Magnolia rubber stamps.... This is the first time I have coloured these as they are new.They are only coloured using pencil,as I still need to invest in some copics.. (huge sigh with bottom lip sticking out)Edwin in the middle I did blue as I wanted to see if he would look ok,, but now he is done I am not sure.. with it being a Christmas stamp I think he has to be red and green, although I am sure I can incorporate him into a Christmas card.
Now Tilda I have done in red, but only managed to get one done, and just the faces of the other two.. again I think I will see what she looks like in blue, and I may even try Green... I remember having a long coat in green..with fluff round the hood and sleeves. 

Oh I WON a prize..yes I won a prize on a competition... on Make It Monday.. I was chosen at random for leaving a comment on someone else's card... So I am waiting on my prezzie to be delivered... lets hope the postman doesn't get taken again.... How exciting... Must remember to email my mailing address...

Right until later...have a nice afternoon, 

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misteejay said...

Hi Claire...looks like you are having a lovely time with your new stamps.

I think your blue Edwin is lovely.

Toni xx

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