Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I think someone has pinched the postman

Well I have ordered a few things over the internet, as I can not get anything from here apart for card and paper, they are not a crafty bunch the Portuguese, I ordered last week, early in the week, and thought that I would be all happy and excited by now and sat trying all my new things, embossing folders, stamps etc.. BUT we have had no post since last week, not even the usual weekly flyer from the local supermarket !!! (very grumpy face) 


How dare they when I have important craft things on the way...  It is bad enough when I see something I like and have to then spend time on the net finding somewhere that will deliver to here, as not a lot of craft places in the UK will post to Portugal, and then there is the postage on top of things I order, and if they are heavy it costs me more,,,, I so want to move back to the UK so I can go to a local craft store and be once again in my element, with everything in front of me to see, with a basket I can fill...  (have to add...fill to the top, or even a trolley)

Rant over now..(BIG sigh) I will go make a coffee and play with the boring things I already have and not my nice shiny new things (sigh)... and keep looking out the window JUST IN CASE the postman has escaped. 

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misteejay said...

Perhaps the huge beastie in your photo has eaten your postie...LOL (love the photo).

Isn't it frustrating when you know something should be on its way but it takes forever...hope your goodies arrive soon.

Toni xx

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