Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Morning all..oh best check time...yes it is still morning.we have 7 minutes left... then it will be afternoon... were does the morning go... I have just managed to sit down to have five.. I have been doing my second favourite thing and cooking and baking, I do make a lot of cakes, usually in the form of chocolate... here is one I made for hannahs birthday...
You can even see the chocolate fairy cakes behind it...(big grin)
I didn't come on here to talk about cake....I came on here to talk about this..... 
Very unhappy me
You see this has been sat on the right side of my desk for three days now, I have an image coloured and papers ready that I was going to use, card stock punched out for frilly trims etc..I even had an idea of cross stitching the image to card!!! but every time I sit down to put it together I look and think....mmm....what.... how....this way...nope...that do I go basic, or do I try and go fussy with flowers. (I am not a fussy card person although I do think they look amazing,I just cant seem to add the right things in the right places)
basically I am STUCK

I am sure I will come up with something eventually, but I really wanted to do this card, although it is looking like I am going to have to pop her away in a folder for another day and start something fresh and new...

Oh and the postman hasn't escaped yet... so my new toys still are not here... boohoo.

Hope you all have a lovely day and evening it is now 12. 15 pm  see how time flies

Thanks for stopping by xx

Just a cheesecake with chocolate filling covered with fresh cream and strawberries.. :o)


misteejay said...

I saw this post earlier from work but can't comment from the office PC.

That cake looks super but the cheesecake looks even better. It might not be paper crafting but it is still crafting in my eyes - they look scrummy.

Toni xx

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