Monday, May 30, 2011

Trip to the Vets.. didn't go as planned....

I am a little late posting tonight, as we took our eldest dog to the vets.. Kiya does NOT like the vets, or people or anything for that matter, but we are wanting to take her back to the UK when we go, so she needs to have blood test's etc, so we had to take her. I had been in earlier today to ask if it was ok to bring her, (that took me half an hour, what with my very poor Portuguese) and she told me that as 6pm there would be no other animals in the vets.. so 6pm in we walk... one cute little dog sat there all well behaved... mmm... Kiya started... and I mean started, she went mad, poor little well behaved dog didn't know what to do... so we were quickly ushered into the back out of the way. I sent Hannah back to say sorry to the owners for Kiya's behavior.The vet walked in and that was it... am surprised you couldn't hear Kiya were you are.... so my lovely better half (Paul) had to hold kiya down while they injected her with the sleepy stuff.... mmm.(rolls eyes). that didn't work to well, as Kiya somehow managed to slip out of the headlock and bite Paul..  this happened as the needle was going in...but how good was Paul he quickly grabbed her again and in the sleepy stuff went... we then had to take Kiya for a walk, so it could take effect.... five mins later and here is the reult...

Now doesn't she look cute.... I can tell you it was lovely.. 
The vet told Paul to pop her onto the table and she would be through in five, just to make sure it had kicked in properly. We stood and waited... no movement from Kiya as all..eyes closed, basically dead looking.
The vet walked into the room and somehow and we still don't know how, Kiya started to growl !!!! amazing sense or what. Thats when the vet wanted the muzzle on her...

While she was under the vet took the opportunity to snip nails and trim hair...
it is now 21.35pm and Kiya is still drowsy its lovely and quiet.

I am now going to potter with my machine and emboss some card etc ready for playtime tomorrow

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misteejay said...

Not the best of visits...still, at least they managed to do what they had to and she did look cute all snoozy.

Toni xx

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