Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grass cutting

is done... well almost I have the top right hand still to do. (phew)
 Not that you can tell from this picture.. as it wasn't taken today..

Yes this is our home...In Portugal, with the HUGE garden.... well it seems huge when your having to cut the grass with a push along.. how to describe the size... the wooden Pagoda thing in the front garden leading up to the front door,(which now has climbers growing up) each set of down poles are 6ft apart... and behind the house you can just see the garage, it can hold two cars driven in one after the other, and then on the back end there are three rooms, which could be converted into more bedrooms, oh and there is also a outside shower room ready for the pool we will never have...(rolls eyes)
 The top left of the picture which in fact is the end of the garden in the back, now has orange, grapefruit and lemon trees.. but I now have to mow round I will have to take some more pics from my height so you can see the size properly, anyway I should have it all cut tomorrow... I gave up as I was getting too hot again.

And I made a card instead, although I am not happy with it...the paper I though was purple now looks blue against the pinky peach card.. And now makes the purple flowers I put on, out of place.. 
I sat and put some little diamonds on...but you cant really see them... It need something more on the bottom part....
Right shower time and then shopping..

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 I have added this bit... I noticed a challenge so have now put this card on a separate post.


misteejay said...

What a pretty card - lovely colours.

We have quite a bit of lawn but at least we have a motor mower - which I'm not allowed to use (shame LOL). I don't envy you with a push-along one.

Toni xx

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