Monday, May 23, 2011

New toys....

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I have popped on a couple of bloggs I follow and it seems people have been busy crafting, and if not crafting shopping.. 

I was so excited on Friday as the Postman somehow escaped and delivered my new toys..
My two new stamps which I saw on Toni's blogg and HAD to have some. I just need to invest in some Copic Markers now. (grumpy face)
Then while browsing on the internet I also bought these, three embossing folders and some dies. I know that instead of these I could have bought some copics, but I am still not sure on what colours I need, When I visit blogs I do write down colours people have used for skintone.. and now I am confused.. there seems to be quiet a lot !! so which do I buy !!!!
I have not had chance to play with them as we have decorated my room, although it was worth not playing, as my room is now sparkly tydy, mainly because there is nothing in there,it is all piled on the dining room table and I have yet to get all my storage units back in...but to move them I will have to empty then again, take them to the other end of the house then carry everything through, and re-fill.. MY job for today..once I get of the PC that is. And also trying my hardest not to Play as I move.. (big grin) which I may not be able to do. As I am bound to see something I have not used for a while and think.. that will be nice with this decoupage...and then I will sat playing with card,paper, glue and not moving back into my room.
The other half laughed when I said I would have everything back into the room today.. He knows me too well I think... 

Right I had best get of here and get moving.. I need to aim for half of it away before lunch.
Wish me luck xx

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misteejay said...

Oooooooo, lots of lovely goodies. You are going to have a great playtime.

You asked about skintone colours.

I am currently using E000, E00,E11 & R20.

All over with the E000, use the E00 over the top around the edges but coming quite a way in, E11 for a little shading around the edges (hairline, under chin etc.) then blend them all together by going over with the E000. The R20 provides a bit of blush to the cheeks. Hope this helps you compile your list of Copic colours that you want to get.

Toni xx

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