Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tilda has somewhere to sit...

Well I thought I would do a quick post, while I have five minutes spare...
To show you Tilda... and her new winter seat..
the winter scene behind her is a bugaboo digi... one of my free ones from winning !!
I did show this pic on my previous post... but today you get to see the full card

I do have other ideas for layouts, which I am going to try out, but first
I need to get colouring, which is what I am going to do tonight,
Paul is on the PS3 so I will chill and colour.
As usual I also made the insert match and I remembered to take a pic of that also
I think Tilda looks rather cute on the bench...
I might have a go at colouring her in greys and have the bench and tree colour, see how that looks !!!

anyway I best get off here and get some prep work done...

Oh and we have a house open day on sat, so I am busy making rooms look like a show house !!
Well trying, it's hard when you have two dogs and a daughter who tend to trash your hard work straight after
Am sure they are following me from room to room, making a mess !!!
So when I think its all ok... I turn round and wonder if I actually did that room !!
wish us luck, we really do need to sell...

Thans for stopping by xx


misteejay said...

The card is beautiful Claire.

Good luck with the staging of the house for viewing.

Toni xx

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