Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well I have never ever had so many comments on one post... I entered the Less Is More challenge, which was actually harder than I thought it would be... anyway I have been looking at other cards entered, there are some amazing ones out there, mine is not that good compared to some... you have to go have a look, I love this card by Jen, and I will be having a go... it is so simple but stunning.

Well I went to my local shop to get some more card as I am running a little short, well my box file is half empty, or half full which ever way you want to look at it.. I did say I would pop a pic up of the massive selection I have over here in Portugal... ( huge smile, rolls eyes)
here it is... 
Thats it.. 
No packs of A4. 
This is all they sell, and I don't think they have stocked up since the last time I popped in and bought some,  
I don't like buying it like this, I have to cut the edges as it is always bent were people have been taking it out and jamming it back in, 
and when i pay at the till, I have to make sure they don't fold it, the first time I went they just folded in half,(I nearly had a heart attack) and I couldn't explain well enough that I wanted it rolled, or just left flat. So left with folded card.
I now know the exact sentence to use... lol
Then once home I have to cut it to fit into my box file, 
although I do have a shelf under my desk that is the perfect size,which has a few sheets there waiting for me to use.
(Paul made my work desk to measure, he took all the sizes of my box files paper etc into his wood room and two hours later came out with my desk)

Well that's my ramble over with, I am going to carry on making paper flowers for cards, I have about an hour,  I made a few last night, 
Not sure if you can see the colour, I need to brush up on my photography skills.

Right I had best go as I am getting my hair coloured today.And my hour craft time is calling

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Carolyn said...

Hi Claire
You mean that is it for choices!!!!! Did you check on the Stamping Up site to see if they sell it there? Oh I don't know how you do it with so little to work with.
You will have to stock up when you go to UK.
What punches or dies did you use to make your flowers....they are lovely!

Carolyn W

misteejay said...

Love the flowers Claire.

I know how you feel about lack of choice - my niece is in Germany as her hubby is posted there with the army. She finds it so difficult to find decent supplies which doesn't help her with her job...teaching arts & crafts to children on the base.

Despite your limited choices you are producing some beautiful cards.

Toni xx

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