Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stamping Ground..and...

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday... 110 with Julia ...
Where we all go snooping around other peoples desk's to see what they are up to..
How messy they are..or even how tidy they may be..
Or if you are like me... sit here thinking..I want that... wow I could do with some of that..
(You want to see my shopping list... actually you don't..) 
Would you not like to have one of each of these... I know I would... even one row would do
Magnolia Heaven

I was in a panic earlier as the PC has stopped working..
Anyway I have pinched Paul's super dooper laptop from out of his unit...
(shhhh he doesn't must remember to delete all pictures before sneaking it back again)
So I can post my pics.. I have taken a couple more..just for this post.
My laptop is only good for is way too slow as it is way too old.

I was blog hopping yesterday, as I often do at lunchtime while I am chatting with Paul on Skype
when I came across this blog.. The Clipart Fairy the blog is lovely and there are lots of ideas.
Well that blog led me to the website to buy the Clip art...
(big big mistake...big grin)
And yes... I bought a few bits... I couldn't resist.. there is a link on the blog to take you there.
(way to
So.. I printed off a couple of things I had just bought. 
Started working on a little something to go on my desk...
ooo MY desk..its what your here for isn't it.. not to listen to me go on about broken PC and online shopping
You can just make out what I have been making...Card Holders... although I have not put any cards into them is a closer view
You can see another one behind..which is also finished... the pics of that one are on the
it is too dark now to take any I will do a post tomorrow. I have dedicated it to WOYWW
Also because I love the colours...the brown and blues go lovely.. I made the flowers in the bottom corner from the same patters as on the holder..the letters are from the same website... 
Well I am now going to have a snoop around other peoples work space.. and let you do the same

Thanks for stopping by xx


Mrs A. said...

Love your card holders. Have you done a tutorial for them? My gosh those rows and rows of stamps are just too much teasing for me.Need to shut my eyes and take deep breaths. Hugs Monkey & Mrs A. #88

misteejay said...

Droooooooooooool, all those Magnolia not fair to tease folk with pics like that Claire LOL.

The card holders look beautiful.

Toni xx

Joni Nickrent said...

Beautiful work! Nice meeting you through WOYWW

Elizabeth said...

Your card holders are beautiful - love the WOYWW one and agree that blue and brown make a lovely colour combination. Hope you have a great week ahead. Elizabeth x #99

Anonymous said...

Lovely card holders and although I'm not a Magnolia fan I can appreciate that whole wall of rubber!


okienurse said...

Very nice card holders. Love all the stamps. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

JoZart said...

Popping in for a late snoop and love your card holders idea. I don't do "cute" but all that rubber still looks good!
JoZarty x

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Claire - if it wasn't a shed load of Magnolia's I would be wishing for a chunk of that rubber! Am so pleased that you've WOYWWed your desk a bit - shows us that you've got it as bad as the rest of us! Hope you get your computer prob sorted before Paul realises quite how much time you spend on crafty blogs!!

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