Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Panic stations....

I am now panicking... the PC has decided to stop working...
It will turn on, but I can not see the little login box... you know the one were you type in your password..
It is there as it keeps flashing...but I can not type the password in...
Very frustrating
So I am now on one of the laptops...yeah OK I can still get onto blogger...but,
All my pictures are on the PC!!! arrggghh
I can't upload anything for you to I had just finished transferring them before the PC crashed
I have been busy doing a couple of projects which I was going to show today for
WOYWW... but I normally move them from the camera to the PC not just copy !!
Oh well just 5 more hours until Paul gets home and fingers crossed the PC will then be alive again
If not then I have lost a lot of pictures of cards I have made but not yet published... mainly Christmas cards.

Right I am going to go and potter in the kitchen, do some baking with Hannah..

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misteejay said...

PC problems are always such a pain and so frustrating - hope you are able to get things sorted and hope the baking went well.

Toni xx

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