Friday, July 1, 2011

Post 100....

Can't quite believe this is my 100th post...
 how time flies
I had a rather nice birthday on Monday, 
I received a card through the post from.
Mum in Law... (Yvonne)
Hand made 
It is so so nice, the colours are gorgeous.
I had to show on my 100th post.
I have to admit..the first thing I said..was (big grin)
I want that edge punch... lol
then I want the purple card !!!
I think the little bumble bee just finishes it off nicely.
We did fone the evening of my birthday to say 
Thank you xx
Yvonne also sent me two books, Which I have sat and read through
And I have made one of the cards already !!
(will post a picture later)
I also have to share these pics...

Tasmin... She obviously went into Hannah's bedroom, then the camera obviously found it's way in there also... I found this picture while uploading the picture of my Birthday card....
She does look cute, BUT Hannah did get into trouble, as she knows I don't like the dogs in the bedroom, never mind on the bed.

And here is my pooch being very patient while I am busy making cards,
(this was taken this morning)
And she doesn't have any paper stashed under them paws !!
And last but not least...
Yes he is at this moment in time hung on my curtains

And am sure he will spend a couple of hours there.

Right I am going to go and make yet another card..
which will be the forth one today.

Thanks for stopping by xx


Toni said...

What a beautiful birthday when is the border punch arriving LOL

Have a lovely weekend

Toni xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated! I like your pets! Doesn't Hector leave claw marks in your curtains?! xx Lunch Lady Jan xx

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