Thursday, July 14, 2011

I received an Award...

A blog award from Toni over at My World Sort Of .. How exciting ..
I am totally thrilled, so much so, when I read it on Toni's blog I was lost for words
(plus over the moon and excited)
Here it is yummy does that look
I would like to say a very very BIG Thank you to Toni
All I need to do now is write seven unknown facts about me
Then (here comes the hard bit) 
Pass this on to 8 more blog's
All blog's I follow are amazing so this has been a hard decision

Toni - I ALWAYS without fail check in on Toni, her work is Amazing, Also Toni was the very first blog I started to follow.  I often ask were she gets all her things from. Especilally the gorgeous blooms Toni nearly always uses. It was Toni that introduced me to the world of Magnolia..( I hope it is OK passing the award back, but it is well deserved and Toni's blog is my number 1)

Kath and Buddy - Another blog I visit regularly, Always makes me smile, as you never know if it is Kath or Buddy telling you whats going on in the cubbyhole. Kath is very talented, and Buddy is just so so cute x

Julie - A blog I stumbled on while snooping from Allsorts Challenge blog, Julie makes some amazing cards, usually with a gift box to put them in.

Debbie - I only found Debbie last week, she is the sister of  a friend I used to work with, and like me has not had a blog long, but wow, she is talented, and her blog page is so sweet.

Clair - Another new blogger like me, who I visit regular.. I found clair on MIM... while looking though entries.

Maddy - All of Maddy's images are cute, and perfect colouring every time, but she also makes little ornaments to match...and they are to die for...

Tracey - Again I found Tracey via a challenge, she has made some lovely cards using colours I would never think to put together,

Wendy - I am not too sure if it is just Wendy that runs this blog or a group, but I love it, I have been following for a while but just recently found out that the clip art I have been buying is actually what they design !!! her blog is full of her creations, cute ones at that.

Wow that took some sorting... getting all the links ready... now onto the less interesting part.. 7 unknown facts about me...

1 - I am a bit of a clean freak, I don't like thing's untidy, if anything happens to be somewhere it shouldn't be it will be back in its place in no time.(except the craft room... it sometimes is a mess) As I don't work I do tend to spend about four hours each day cleaning. (cleaning clean things at that)
2 - I used to be Assistant Manager of the Early Learning Centre in Grimsby before I moved to Portugal, I loved my job and was very upset when the time came to leave.. I would be so happy if I could work there again.
3 - I have always wanted to dive with sharks, or dolphins.. I have managed to swim with dolphins when visiting Cancun,but they were in a dive centre, not in the ocean,  but as yet not managed the sharks. Paul is a qualified dive instructor so when back in the UK I will be on an intensive course ready for the dive of a lifetime...Sharks watch out here I come.
4 - I spend toooo much time on one of the games on Facebook, Frontierville is addictive.
5 - I love to be in the kitchen, (not eating... ) cooking, I am a fully trained chef so often spend hours preparing a meal. And I love to make cakes.
6 - I am also a qualified cake decorator... but.. Portugal don't do proper icing sugar, I have tried many brands, but the icing is always a grey colour not bright white as it should be.
7 - I am divorced, was married for 15 years, I have been with Paul for 3 and I am happy happy happy.

There you go... more about me...  right I had best get a message sent to My 8 fave blogs so they can get the award too... 


misteejay said...

Thank you so much Claire for bouncing this back - I'm very touched by your comments.

I think you do some amazing things with the limited supplies you have access to and can't wait to see what you will be producing once you've had a chance to 'hit' the UK craft stores. Take care my friend and enjoy your crafting.

Toni xx

Clair said...

Wow wow exciting, Thank you Claire, you've really made my day.
I have been really busy with work this week ( have been full time this week....aarrghh) and this has really made me smile.
Thanks lovely...
Clair xx

Julies Crafty Creations said...

Hi Claire
Thank you very much for nominating me for an award and for your lovely comments on my blog, I shall wear my award with pride.
Happy crafting Julie x

The Fairy said...

WOW thank you so much Claire for the blog award :)

Wendy x

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