Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yes it is that time again over at the Stamping Ground with Julia, go have a look... there will be lots of work desk's you can snoop at, and they won't even know you have been looking...unless you leave them a lovely comment to say you have been and a quick HI.... there all very friendly over there am sure they will pop to you and say Hi back

The reason my post is this...
I know....a mess.  i just tipped drawers onto the desk
but there is good reason for this...We are moving back to the UK in December.. and our belonging's will go into storage..
(shaking head) 
EVERYTHING apparently... me not happy, 
you see I had got it into my head that My machine and a few bits would fit into the car !!! 
As we are driving over, they wont take up much room, and once in the UK I will have something to use, you see we don't have a house to go to, so we have to find somewhere once back, which could take a couple of weeks, then  couple of weeks sorting things could end up a couple of months... 
(shocked face now) 
So I was sorting out... and secretly starting to stash things... I have a smallish bag which I have assured Paul will be going with me in the which it is I am in the process of seeing how much I can get into
We will be living with Paul's mum for a couple of weeks, and she has a craft room, 
a craft room I would love... I think she has more punches than any shop has !!
And am sure I will be spending many happy hour in there with her.
Anyway here is the desk last night
Lots better..
to the left is my shopping list... I will have to show you in another post
to the right is projects to sleeves keeping clean
right best get on

Sorry its late and thanks for stopping by xx


Angie said...

So glad you managed to organize a space for a crafting bag ...I think it will help with the stress of finding a new home ...and thankgoodness his mum is a crafter.I am so nosey it a 'crafting' shopping list or a 'new home' one ??

Julia Dunnit said...

Good lord Claire - move back to somewhere near me and you can craft at my house while you're waiting for your stuff to follow. LOVE the draw unit next to your desk. (I'm married to a wood worker!).
PS: a smallish bag won't hold upturned drawer contents - made me smile!!

misteejay said...

Lovely that you will soon be on your way back to the UK - not so lovely having everything pack & out of use. Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Just think - at least you'll be able to start collecting the things on your crafty shopping list once you get back.

Toni xx

misteejay said...

Claire, Stickles are a glitter glue (no heat required). I find them less messy than loose glitter which tends to get everywhere other than where I want it. Stickles are made by Ranger - come in tons of colours and a few different formats...normal, glitz, distress & ice. They do take a little while to dry so I normally leave them 'til the last so that the project can be put to one side to dry off.

Toni xx

Spyder said...

oh my no crafting for months!?? but think of that lovely new crafty space you'll have in the end!!
HaPpY vErY LatE LaSt WeEkS WoYwW!! ((Lyn))

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