Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aperture card... attempt one...

...I had to post this as I think its an OK card, 
BUT (rolls eyes)
needs practice and maybe a different flower punch
(add to the never ending shopping list lol)
I am definitely going to have another go.... as I do like the end result...
And I can't just post perfect cards can I..
We all make mistakes, or are maybe not happy with the end result.
here is the card.. Tell me what you think... any tips... what I have done wrong...
ANY HELP at all really
Closer shot, maybe I should iron the flowers flat before using them
Maybe I shouldn't use peel offs...maybe I need to look at buying some stick on gems.. lol
(more for the list.)
Those that visit me regular, will know I can't get much in the way of craft supplies
so I often go on about wanting this and wanting that.... sorry
but its all yours fault... I look at your gorgeous work and think..
I want that.wonder where they are from...!!
So I Blame YOU....
(huge grin)

This post was started on Saturday, but it wouldn't post... 
Don't I sound  
Am sure I will be back to my Happy self by the weekend
I am now going to go to bed, 
Watch a film
Hannah will watch a film in the room,
so I should get an hour of peace..
Although I have just noticed a competition using stitching !!
so I might print a design out and lay out and stitch..
I have three days !!! mmm

Thanks for stopping by 
A still ill Claire xx


Dr Sonia S V said...

Claire dont know why you dont like it. I think its gorgeous. Dont iron the flowers flat.Making them pop up in places gives a more natural look and you have achieved that.My only criticism would be that your camera could not capture the elegance of the white flowers and card

misteejay said...

Gosh, what a lot of hard work - super result though. The effect you have achieved is beautiful - you should be very proud of this lovely card.

Hope you enjoyed your film and are feeling much better.

Toni xx

Debbie said...

Hi Claire...there's nothing wrong with your card, its lovely. I've made cards like this and its very fiddly but looks great. Thank you for following me...have started to follow you as I think your cards are lovely.
Debbie x

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