Saturday, July 23, 2011

So so so Excited... BUT

I am happy happy happy today....
Excited isn't the word

And guess why.. bet you can't..... lol
(big grin.... so big my face is hurting.)
go on smile with me.... you know you really want to
I have ordered something...and am excited...did I tell you

Spectrum Noir pens....
Yes even after my grumble yesterday.... about shipping costs....

Well I had to have them...yes I wanted copics... and have been looking for ages...but kept getting confused with all the colours, even downloaded
I then saw these new pens advertised, and have been waiting on people to give honest opinions..
and today I have checked out blogs of people I know have got them and used them,
it seems they are good... very good, and some even say better than copics !!
Now this I do not know as I have not used copic's before..
But I have ordered some

Well not just some, the whole set... yes every last one of them... I want them all...well not all, all.. I will let others have there own, but I want a whole set.

And they are on their way to...wait for it...
My Mum in Laws house
(sad face)
I wasn't going to pay for shipping.. and Paul did say its not long till we move... 20 weeks to be exact.

But on the up side... I have a lovely parcel to open when I get to the Uk... AND better still pens to play with...
I am now going to sneak my Magnolia stamps into my bag... I need something to
Although... my mum in law has told me if I order anything else I can get it delivered to her house, and she will keep it safe for our return... how kind is that..
So I was thinking....
Do I just do one HUGE order... lol
My shopping list, Well one page of it... 

I was thinking of starting with page one 
and working my way through !!!
Imagine what I would have to play with by
Right best go... it is sunny and I am going to go and sit outside.
I have pics printed off, colouring utensils and lots of water
Let's see if I can't spend more than ten minutes out there

thanks for stopping by xx

Am still Excited....


misteejay said...

Oh how wonderful **doing a happy dance for Claire** - so much better than paying all that shipping and the time will fly...

So what's next on the list to be ordered...LOL

Toni xx

Clair said...

You lucky lucky lady....have seen them and they look fab. You'll have lots oo look forward to when you come back. Take care, Clair xx

Chrissy said...

You go it all..go mad..whoo excited for you, what a lovely stash to have waiting.Gosh..the time is flying now,so the next 20 weeks will be here before you know it.

Toni said...

Hey, well one on your winning a prize for the CTB Friday - I thought your Deacon was super.

Toni xx

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