Saturday, June 25, 2011

Birthday card for mum

Well this card had become a labor of love.. 
Your thinking why !!!
it's only a card for MUM
Well I could vision what I wanted....
(seriously I could)
I wanted it to be big !!
so went for A4 size
I had bought embossing folders to try and get to the vision...
(actually bought more than needed but shhhh)
The vision was there...
I started to make the card..
You can just see it to the
I had some of the flowers ready, 
I had sat there and threaded beads onto wire and hot glued them !!
(nope can't buy them
I had a few leaves
now the leaves took me a while, as I only have the one die !!
so for each leaf into the machine it went
(good for my arms is what I kept telling myself)
I had attached the embossed card to the front...
realized I would have gaps... so on goes a ribbon at the top
(not the vision)
What to do with the side's
Anyway I could go on for hours....
BUT I won't
In the end I opted for columns... 
like you see on big buildings...
Round ones...
Have I got the picture of them in your head yet??
(I hope so)
They don't really look much like columns..
(but think columns)
here is the finished card..
With the dreaded Peel Off's on..
I do sort of like the card..
when you have a vision and it doesn't quite turn out that way
it sort of puts you off it..
But it is finished, and as Paul says
"mum won't even know she has it..or realize what its for"

I opted for a picture of their wedding day, thinking Mum would maybe remember
or notice it is her.
Or the off chance she would remember Dad.

Here are a couple of close up photo's

Can you see my beads !!
I now just have to post it,
I have made the  box for it to go into, 
I just need to get a postage box from the Post Office,
 so Hopefully it won't get tooo squashed in transit.

Carry on enjoying you weekend

Thanks for stopping by xx


Sandy said...

It;s a beautiful card and can see you put a lot of love into it, I hope it does bring back memories for your Mum,

Dr Sonia S V said...

Wow such a stunning card. Love the elegance of white

misteejay said...

Claire, it is a really beautiful card with some much love put into the making of it.

I know how frustrating it can be though when you have a 'vision' of what you want to create and it just doesn't turn out like should be very proud of the lovely card you have produced.

Toni xx

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