Sunday, June 19, 2011

How funny..

is this.. 
I printed out the picture chosen by Paul for my birthday card, four times, as I like decoupage... 
anyway, I sat cutting out last night while Paul and Hannah watched Lord of the Rings, the film I had watched the day before while making card...(damm I have just given you the answer to what I was watching while making Mums birthday card)
This morning I was all set to make my card,, when Paul said, I would do it like this...and proceeded to tell me how... (frown on my face now) I don't like to be told how to... unless i like what is being told to me...
Your going to like this....
He is making my
I passed it over to him to finish
LOL... isn't this funny, His hands are so BIG he can't peel the backing off the pads... and the fact that some of the layers are tiny, and need tweezers,,, 
but I have not told him that...(hehehe)
I can see them being left off... 

oh and he is now muttering away to himself... 
oh and saying I should be making him a coffee, as hes busy !! (huge sigh)
Do I get coffee when I am busy !!! NO I DO NOT.

Right I am going to see if I cant do some on Mums card.. 
(and get out of the way of the flying sticky

Thanks for stopping by xx

Will post my card later...IF it gets finished 


misteejay said...

Awww, least he is making the effort. You are very brave letting him near your crafting stuff - not sure I would even contemplate doing such a thing LOL

Enjoy your weekend
Toni xx

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