Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Is or has anyone else had problems getting the photos onto post's..
(I say whilst banging head on desk). 
I am having problems (head banging on desk once again)
So at the moment no pics.... so

I was up early photo's taken of my desk as I left it last night....
photos sent to the PC... all ready..
the start of my post written...
(without looking at any other posts I might add)
and they just will not attach to the post...
(head banging on desk started at this point)
I do not like it when things do not go right..
AND it being someone else's fault just makes it worse. lol
Because it can't be my fault, can it (sigh)
 I have been on Google chrome, Mozilla, and just explorer.. nothing works
I have even made a call to Paul at work, asking him why...
(come on he should know hes a computer programmer)
but nope, he isn't sure.. and will look later...

LATER.... (yes later..that isn't good enough)

so I ask him nicely to connect to the PC from work..
which he does... AND
Nothing he can see is wrong....mmmm
(banging head commences again as I say thank you)

so No photos to show you...
I will obviously pop another link on when I can upload them.

I am now going to go back to banging my head on the desk
while trying once more.

if that doesn't help then I will just have to sit and make another card.

Thanks for stopping by xx


Sharne Davies said...

first time i have visited a head bangers page.......rock on fellow crafter.

okienurse said...

Google seems to be going through the throes of growing pains with this last update. Hope it gets to working for you soon. LOL Sharne... Head Bangers Page!! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #107

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