Friday, June 10, 2011

How bad am I...

I have not posted on here since Wednesday, what with one thing and another... but I have a few minutes tonight so a quick post. (Quick post hahaha)
Look what Paul made me today, when he disappeared into the garage...
 A stand to put my cards on for taking pictures for my Blog.. How cool...
I have seen other people use them on there blogs and thought what a good idea..
I must have mentioned it to Paul at some point, or he has heard me talking to myself while I have been Blog hopping,
You will often find me sat here talking to myself..usually saying WOW amazing, or I WANT that stamp... usually when I am visiting Toni's Blog

We are dog walking first thing in the morning again, on the local beach, We spent hours walking last weekend, and the dogs were so tired they hardly moved the rest of the day.. here is the beach.. I will take note of the name Tomorrow
As you can see they were bringing in the local catch... lots of people waiting for their fresh fish.
 This is part of the beach where we walk, you can see the Atlantic ocean

Here is my Puppy dog Tasmin, Loving the beach...
This is Hannah, who by this point was getting fed up...  You can see in the background  the fishing boat
It had to be done !!!!
This is further up the beach you cant see this bit from the first Picture as it is round a corner, We actually walked nearly to the end of  the dunes you can see far far away. 
It was so nice we didn't really realize how far we had gone.. 
I had best not leave the other dog out of my Blog.. the brown one is Kiya, she is Pauls dog, as you can see,  just about to charge at Tasmin

Right I best get of the PC, we are watching Priest tonight, we watched IP Man last night which is a good film, only thing is it has subtitles, so you have to watch, so didn't get any sneaky crafting done while watching..Wish me luck on sneaking a bit in tonight.

See you all tomorrow when I will update you on the name of the beach, and more pictures 

Thanks for stopping by xx


misteejay said...

Great photos Claire - what a fabulous beach and I love the fur-babies.

Aren't you lucky having hubby malke you an easel...that is way cool.

Have a super weekend.

Toni xx

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