Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nothing ...

To show today.... I have been so busy sorting Hannah's room out, ready for the BIG move, how much can one nine year old have... I really can not remember bringing all this over with us...
It is a lovely day today, so I will spend some time in the garden, maybe take something crafty out with me.
Hector the Iguana spent too long in his outside house over the weekend, and we think he may be feeling a little under the weather, as he isn't eating much, I have just given him his favorite.. Turnip tops, apple and some home grown cabbage, and he is just sat there looking at it... so still keeping an eye on him..

here is the not so happy chap... stood in front of his painted tree...  Right I suppose I had best get on, and fingers crossed I get some crafting done.. 
I am such a happier person when I have

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misteejay said...

Poor Hector - hope he picks up.

Toni xx

clair said...

Kids's amazing how much they accumulate!!! When is the BIG move and where are you off to?
Oh, I've managed to become a follower now too!!
Take care,
Clair x

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